Announcing GoodVision’s Partnership with 4-Traffic in the Netherlands

GoodVision Ltd, formally announces our partnership with 4-Traffic, a traffic research agency from the Netherlands. Both companies will work together to support traffic engineering projects and to change transportation in the Netherlands for the better.

4-Traffic grows into a key player in the field of automated parking investigations and traffic surveys in the Netherlands. They believe that the post-Corona situation requires a new way of collecting parking data and intensity figures. It is finally the time for the technology evolution in this field. Digital traffic data and powerful big data analytics now enable them to standardize today’s very fragmented processes of traffic data analytics on transport planning projects.

About 4-Traffic

4-Traffic is a traffic research company that is specialized in conducting traffic investigations. The company was founded in 2021 by Jeffrey Pot and Michel Felkers, who have more than 10 years of experience in the field of traffic surveys. They always felt that there was more to be done in their field, so they decided to start their own business so that they can do more in terms of innovation.

4-Traffic is working on carrying out parking investigations, traffic counts, license plate investigations, which determine how long vehicles remain within a certain area, etc. An important deal for the company is the partnership with GoodVision, the best choice in the field of traffic data analytics in Europe. This partnership allows their clients to automate their projects while saving an extensive amount of time and costs.

4-Traffic founders' photo
Michel Felkers and Jeffrey Pot, founders of 4-Traffic

4-Traffic possesses a large number of camera equipment and drone pilots, which allows them to perform also drone traffic surveys with ultra-high-quality (4K) recordings of any traffic situation. Provided cameras have their own power supply, which makes it easy to place them in any location the client requires.

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4-Traffic covers a wide spectrum of traffic surveys

Essential services offered in conjunction with GoodVision Ltd product portfolio are:

  • Traffic counting
  • Traffic behavior analytics
  • Vehicle speeds, travel time
  • Occupancy time, queue length
  • Data visualization
  • ANPR (Automatic number-plate recognition)

About GoodVision Ltd

GoodVision Ltd is a company from London, United Kingdom, established in 2017. GoodVision provides transport planners with everything they need for transport data analytics in one place. With GoodVision’s products, transport surveyors and planners achieve incredible productivity on their transport planning and real-time traffic monitoring projects.

GoodVision provides a complex traffic analytics platform called GoodVision Video Insights. The platform combines unbeatable traffic data extraction capability from videos and cameras, with unique traffic data analytics for traffic modelling, and real-time traffic monitoring. With this solution, transport analysts get data from traffic surveys in the most convenient way ever, and traffic modellers save 95% of their time by automating the traffic model calibration.

Future plans

4-Traffic becomes the official, authorised GoodVision partner and distributor in the Netherlands. This allows 4-Traffic to access, distribute and actively market GoodVision’s product portfolio to organisations in the region and enable faster market adoption. 4-Traffic distributes the following GoodVision products to organizations in the Netherlands:

  • GoodVision Traffic Data Collection (learn more)
  • GoodVision Surveyor and Modeller Plans (learn more)
  • GoodVision Live Traffic for real-time traffic monitoring (learn more)

Both companies believe there is a significant opportunity to understand traffic infrastructure performance and to respond to questions on transportation issues with much more detail than in the past, at a much faster rate, and in a cost-effective manner.

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For further information, please contact Christopher Hargreaves, Head of Sales of GoodVision Ltd, and Jeffrey Pot, founder of 4-Traffic.

Learn more about our partnership with 4-Traffic

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