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On the Fast Lane with GoodVision: Proactive Customer Care in Road Traffic Analytics

Have you ever wondered about the true essence of customer care beyond firefighting? It isn't just a cushion for calamities; it's a strategic dance of anticipation and fulfilment. Instead of waiting for customers to report problems or issues, proactive customer care aims to identify and address potential issues before they escalate. This saves time, enables smoother operations, and enhances the overall experience and relationship between the provider and customers.

That’s why at GoodVision, we go one step further and act proactively, trying to solve our customers’ problems before the need arises to contact us for support. Why do we take this approach? And what are the benefits for both our clients and our business?

Let's delve into the proactive side of customer service, uncovering how it not only averts crises but lays the groundwork for seamless, unparalleled customer journeys that transform transactions into relationships.

Our approach to road traffic analytics 

One of the main ideas behind founding GoodVision was overcoming the limitations of traditional road traffic analytics: the lack of flexibility, context, and control over data that traffic specialists have. Our customers are specialists in this field, and they know best what data they need for their projects. So, we knew we needed to build tools to help them take full ownership of road traffic analytics

That’s why, as a GoodVision customer, you gain full access to our analytics platform, where you can upload your own videos and analyse them in any way you need. To create scenarios, you can narrow your reports to specific movements, time, vehicle classes, and more. Thus, you can extract meaningful data from even the most convoluted locations. All reports are user-generated, and there’s no limit to how many you may create once the footage is uploaded. 

We also think that it’s you who should decide how your road traffic data is visualised. Therefore, you can set up analytical widgets for any data point extracted from the video to calculate and display all relevant traffic parameters conveniently. But what does it have to do with customer support? Bear with us.

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All reports available in GoodVision are highly customisable.

Since our approach to traffic planning and management gives users ownership and freedom (unlike in traditional solutions where the data belongs to the service provider), it requires sufficient training and support to help traffic specialists adjust to the new way of thinking about their data. Efficient and proactive customer care allows us to guide them towards the desired results through communication or “conversation”. As a result, they become co-owners of our platform, actively shaping how our solutions help make the most of traffic data.

Success through conversation 

Most software companies provide solely technical support. And while addressing errors is crucial, we go beyond by emphasising proactive customer care. By constantly conversing with clients, we can predict their needs and guide them to maximise their platform experience.

Smooth sailing: efficient onboarding for streamlined operations

The process starts with onboarding during trial or after purchase. Our customer care specialists call each client to introduce them to the basic features of the platform and how each one can be used. During that introductory call, we also discuss the basics of the fundamental solutions that GoodVision uses, such as video analytics or AI-based data technologies. All that is to give our customers the confidence to make their first steps in the platform.


GoodVision’s blog is great for learning more about traffic video analytics and related topics.

Continued care for optimised feedback and results

After the initial introduction, we contact our customers whenever they launch a new project. We ask them about their goals, analysed scenes, and other project details, and then discuss how our platform can be used in the context of their specific needs and challenges. We hold additional workshops with clients to brainstorm technological solutions to their traffic analytics challenges when necessary.

During all the client conversations, we listen carefully to their feedback and observe how they interact with the platform. This invaluable source of insights tells us what needs improvement and which features are missing. Our clients’ projects often inspire us to create features that could prove useful to them or, in similar cases, in the future. Often, clients themselves say what functionalities they’d like to see added. We consider each request and regularly add features commonly suggested by our users.

High-touch, hands-on services for continued growth

Our customers are usually well-versed in the basic features of the GoodVision platform. They gradually start exploring more advanced functionalities, knowing we’re always there for them. All plans without extra fees include full technical support and customer care.

Speaking of technical support, our customer care specialists often participate in the process. They serve as the first point of contact in the event of technical errors, relay the case to the IT team and come back to the client with a solution. They present it in layman's terms to avoid confusing business-oriented customers with technicalities. As a result, technical issues can be solved quickly—usually within hours, at most in a couple of days.

Proactive customer care in practice

Throughout the years of assisting our clients, our customer care team has resolved hundreds of requests. Here are some examples of our customers' most common issues and how we approach them.

Using the app

GoodVision’s take on traffic data analytics can initially be challenging to grasp for many clients used to legacy traffic management systems where they received ready traffic reports from their analytics partner. Our role is to introduce them to the platform and show them the fundamental features that will empower them to achieve more with their data: uploading videos, describing scenes, creating analytical widgets, and generating reports. All of that is usually covered during the introductory call.

However, as with any software, practice makes perfect. To flatten the learning curve, we cover all features on our GoodVision Help Portal, where users can easily find step-by-step guides to all our tools.


The Help Portal is a one-stop hub for GoodVision tips, guides, and technical requirements.

Traffic analytics

Since numerical data is the standard in road traffic analytics, many clients don’t have experience with traffic reports in a visual format. To them, vehicle trajectory lines may initially seem perplexing or even daunting.

That’s why we always ensure that our clients know what trajectories mean, how to define scene entrances and exits properly, and how to filter out data to get the required results. We also help them understand how visualisations support raw traffic counts. We aim to communicate that traffic specialists can generate more insights than standard traffic reports with this combination.

Though we do our best to make our platform as intuitive as possible, traffic engineering and video analytics can be tricky. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, so whenever we see or suspect that one of our clients uses the platform incorrectly, we reach out to them to suggest a more optimal way to approach their project.

Behind the scenes

Our clients are experts in traffic engineering, but they often lack a solid understanding of data technologies or AI. While this knowledge isn’t required to use GoodVision, clients are often curious about how our engine produces the results they receive. 

Even a cursory understanding of our video-processing technologies gives customers the confidence to use GoodVision more creatively, try various settings and report types, and make new discoveries. To encourage experimentation, we always explain to our clients how videos are processed, what data is extracted, and how we warrant data anonymity and protection.

The road ahead

In essence, while the features of a traffic data analytics and management platform define its capabilities, the human touch of effective customer support gives it life and character. That’s why our commitment extends beyond the tool itself, rooted in continuous communication with our clients. Understanding their challenges, proactively addressing concerns, and fostering a responsive environment are not just add-ons but integral elements that elevate our platform to deliver outstanding results. 

Want to experience it yourself? Try it, and then contact us to discuss your next road traffic analytics project!

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