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6 Key Facts About GoodVision’s Data Privacy Policy: You Own Your Data

The year 2020 showed that data security is a crucial topic also in the transport planning industry. Numerous data misuse incidents for third parties' own commercial purposes have shown that organisations that collect traffic data for their projects must begin to protect it, for the sake of their own business reputation and continuity.

At GoodVision, we never thought that data privacy measures, which we take as granted and guaranteed in our products from the very beginning, will be such a big point of difference to other methods of working with traffic data in our industry. Traffic collection companies will now perhaps pay more attention to whom they are sending their sensitive video data to the other side of the world or what their traffic data processor is doing with it after the projects are done.

Key facts about traffic data privacy in GoodVision

Let us summarise six main burning questions any traffic data organisation may have when considering GoodVision Ltd as their tool for traffic data collection and analysis.

1. What data does GoodVision Video Insights extract from video?

Anonymous data. GoodVision extracts only the anonymous physical aspects of the traffic object movement in the form of trajectories. Reconstruction of the identity is impossible. GoodVision is GDPR compliant.

2. Where is my data located in the GoodVision Video Insights?

In your region. GoodVision Video Insights is running fully on Amazon Web Services cloud platform. Your data is in AWS datacenter in your region, i.e. for European customers, your data is stored in Ireland, EU. We have on-site deployment options too if you want to keep your data on your premises only.

3. Can third parties access my data?

No. You upload the video data over a secured channel, then it is processed automatically and stored on your account for you exclusively. You can share it with your co-workers or clients from the application, if you wish.

4. Do you keep video footage after video processing?

No. After traffic data is extracted, your video is permanently deleted. There is an option where you keep your video in your private storage — GoodVision Vault, which is a part of GoodVision Video Insights platform.

5. Can GoodVision provide or sell your data to third parties?

No. Your data is not published, nor presented or sold to third parties. You own your data.

6. Can I delete my data from GoodVision Video Insights?

Yes. You can delete your extracted data as well as video files anytime.

How GoodVision processes your data

Securely providing the video data to the platform

The user is uploading video files or camera streams into GoodVision Video Insights using a secure HTTPS channel directly to his private account. Subsequently, processing of video footage is immediately started. It takes just a few hours to process each uploaded batch, depending on the type of processing you choose.

Extracting only the anonymous data

Video processing is fully automated and it happens strictly on GoodVision’s platform with no human intervention. During video processing, anonymous information about the behaviour of objects in the videos is extracted. To simplify the visual analysis of the user, anonymised (blurred) preview images for each video file are obtained from the video. After processing, the user’s video is permanently deleted from GoodVision if the user doesn’t choose otherwise. The platform then works with the anonymous data collected only.

Data security

GoodVision does not provide data about users, their video footage, or extracted data, including statistics, to third parties. You authorize GoodVision only to use aggregated or image format data to increase the algorithm accuracy on your traffic projects. GoodVision may not use or display user’s data for other purposes without the user’s written consent. Data privacy is important to us, so we take both technical and organizational measures to protect your information. All GoodVision’s employees dealing with sensitive data are legally obliged to follow strict data collection procedures.

Dealing with data after service cancellation

In the event that a GoodVision user account is terminated, the system stores the client’s data for six months, in case the client wishes to reopen the account in order to continue using GoodVision services, unless the user instructs GoodVision otherwise. GoodVision will remove any personal information to the user upon termination of processing services and remove existing copies unless the law requires retention of such data.

Our GoodVision Video Insights platform was awarded a Seal of Excellence from European Commission in 2020, appreciating our top-notch technology and the data security measures that are crucial today.

(Daniel Stofan, founder of GoodVision Ltd)

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