GoodVision Partnering with WSB in the US

We are proudly announcing that we have formalised our partnership with design and consulting company WSB LLC in the US.

About WSB

WSB became GoodVision’s official distribution and implementation partner in North America. Both companies follow the same vision and represent an ideal combination of technology and industrial expertise. Our new Partner will use GoodVision’s products to build traffic monitoring and analytics solutions for traffic authorities and traffic organisations in the region.

With 36 offices and providing services in 48 US states, WSB has a strong focus on using new technologies for sustainability, efficiency, and the needs of local communities. For nearly 30 years, they have provided clients with traffic engineering, transportation planning, environmental, and construction services.

WSB is the industry leader in deploying advanced engineering technology and traffic consulting. Through a combination of cutting-edge tools, expertise, and innovation, the company is committed to shaping the way our industry delivers projects while mitigating risk, producing better quality and a safer environment. 


Standing at the forefront of innovation in the civil engineering industry, WSB teamed up with GoodVision to strengthen its capabilities in the Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO) domain. Since 2021, WSB has been using our innovative products for traffic data collection and analytics through numerous traffic studies and traffic planning projects in the US.  Both partners will help to shape the industry by centralising the current traffic analytics application landscape which is scattered and define future-proof workflows and integrations with other traffic systems to provide connected and reusable solutions based on the GoodVision’s traffic analytics platform.

Not only does this innovative technology progress the industry, but it also creates safer and more efficient communities,” said Gordon McPhee, Vice President of Digital Solutions. “Using AI, this product provides instant detection of roadway incidents with automated responses. This increases overall safety and builds a safer community.”

This partnership is leading the traffic industry, implementing AI to address current needs in the areas of traffic analytics, automated incident detection, transportation safety and active traffic management. Deliverables include turnkey traffic ITS solutions, to prevent congestion, decrease commuting time and increase road  safety. WSB’s staff of subject matter experts can use the data and insights provided to these solutions to create a tailored consulting service for each client. This joint effort is shaping the future of traffic monitoring and analytics.

A partnership between WSB and GoodVision aims at creating a powerful technology and implementing collaboration in North America,” said Daniel Stofan, GoodVision CEO. “Both companies are heavily investing in the improvement of the traffic industry and aim to excel by implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to address current traffic analytics needs with the local traffic expertise and customer support.


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At GoodVision we are excited about enhancing our cooperation and offering US clients the opportunity to implement real-time traffic monitoring and data analytics, further advancing the industry and creating safer roads and cities.

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