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Announcing GoodVision’s Partnership with ATKI A/S in Denmark

We are very excited to officially announce that we joined forces with ATKI A/S from Denmark. Together we will be working hard to solve the future transportation challenges in North Europe. 

About ATKI A/S

ATKI A/S is a Danish company founded in 2004 and headquartered in Naestved, Denmark. Its primary business area is traffic counting for statistical analysis in road infrastructure and urban planning in which it serves a large swath of Danish municipalities as well the Danish Road Directorate. In recent years, ATKI has expanded to other areas such as intersection construction, smart parking, traffic signage, and road safety solutions as well as people and bicycle counting, and has thus positioned itself within the market as a leading supplier and systems integrator, capable of solving a multitude of traffic-related tasks, both large and small.

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For further information, please contact Christopher Hargreaves, Head of Sales of GoodVision Ltd, and Benny Nissen, founder of ATKI. 

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